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Personalized Wedding Anniversary Favour Playing Cards Gift


Personalized Foil Stamped Playing Cards Minimum Quantity of 36 to be Ordered

Whether you are a card shark, magician or Go Fish enthusiast, these colourful foil stamped cards will make card playing a little more stylish. Each bold coloured card in the deck is personalized and the wide variety of foil stamp designs will ensure they will be a perfect complement for any celebration. These playing cards make a terrific take home favour gift that can be used and enjoyed again and again. PLEASE NOTE:  Minimum Quantity of 36 must be ordered.  
8.8cm (L) x 5.8cm (W)


Two personalization formats are available as shown. The message lettering style is not customizable.

All logos will be centreed above the personalized message.

If messages are requested using all capitals, the total number of letters available will be reduced.

TIP: In North America, it is traditional that the Bride's name is positioned before the Groom's.

Wedding Logo's to Choose From:

Themed Logo's: