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Individual Quantity of 1 Silicone Stemmed Goblet Style Wine Glass...  

One side engraved or two!

Celebrate in a fun and colorful style with these stemmed champagne style wine glasses 8oz capacity. These are great for the beach, or great for camping, as a non breakable cups.  These cups are creative and fun way of celebration as you custom create your glass with unique many choices of font styles and images.  You cannot break this glass! This versatile high quality silicone food grade stemmed wine glass that can be selected in these five colors of: pink, purple, blue, turquoise, and red 

ABOUT our Personalization Technique:  Please note we do not use any chemicals / color enhancers / vinyls / stickers / or inks on these glasses, the laser engraving is a clear natural imprint onto the silicone glass.  The engraving is going to the same color appearance as the glass and it will be embedded into the surface.    The laser engraving is a forever engraving that will not disappear over time, but it is non color, and embedded into the surface. 

To personalize:

First select your color choice, then Select 1 or 2 sides engraved, and type in your personalization for:
1. Side 1 (no more than 28 characters)
2. Side 2, if applicable (no more than 28 characters)
3. Font Choice from the list
4. Image Choice from the list, if applicable

Features of this versatile stemmed wine glass:

- colored stemmed wine glass is regular 8oz capacity, height is: 11cm, Diameter is: 5.5cm

- BPA Free

- Stain Resistant

- Eco-Friendly

- 100% Non-Stick Food Grade Silicone

- Microwave Oven, Freezer and Dishwasher Safe

- Fold-able 

- versatile glass is great for the beach, or for camping, sailing, picnics, pool parties, ceremonies, celebrations

- makes a great gift

- available in many fun colors

- non-breakable, easy to wash

- easy for travelling