Personalized Individual Miniature Glass Nesting Vases Unity Sand Ceremony


Miniature Wedding Sand Unity Ceremony Individual Nesting Vases

The Sand Unity Ceremony has become a very popular option. Sold individually are these miniature nesting vases and contrasting colours of sand, now children can be invited to take part. The mixing of the various sand colours is a fitting way to symbolize the new Blended Family that will result from this union. Although there are no set guidelines for this ceremony, generally the sand is poured into the central vase in the following order: 1.Father 2.Mother 3.Children 4.Father and Mother together. Readings and sentiments can be customized as desired.  You can select your choice of font style, and personalize the vase with a name. These mini nesting vases can also go as a set with our larger bride and groom wedding vases sand unity set. 
This item is sold individually
each vase 5cm x 5cm x 10cm H

Sand sold separately, colored sand can be found here.