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Custom Laser Engraved Wooden Pizza Slice Box and Pizza Puzzle Game


The pizza slice box and pizza slice puzzle is a fun novelty puzzle game designed by us.  Each pizza piece is completely different and it does take some time to actually put it together and put back into the box, as it fits nicely into the box. The pizza includes the outside crust, the pizza slices, that have individually pepperoni, sad anchovies, mushrooms and green peppers.  The entire pizza measures 17.5" round, and the pizza slice box that we created measures 11" L x 8" W x 4" H.  Turn this into a game by timing how long it takes from start to finish to put together, it can offer a slight challenge because each pizza has a special place to go on the puzzle and each piece is completely different. The top of the lid can be customized to your liking, we can write anything you like, and even an image or logo. Our custom set up is $35.00 if you require a logo for use as a promotional product for your pizzeria.