Custom Engraved Etched Printed Personalized Pyrex Lunch Dishes with Lids


Tired of loosing your children's lunch containers at school? Want to add their name permanently? These are the perfect size and food safe Pyrex lunch size dishes in either a one cup, or two cup each comes with a sealing lid. The tempered heat resistant glass is designed for microwave or oven use and is great for warming up in a microwave as the glass is not porous and will not absorb foods which in turn cause staining and health issues (as toxins can be released from plastics when re-heating in a microwave). Personalize with a name and choose your font style as shown on the listing. 

We offer these clear small Pyrex lunch dishes in either a 1 cup, purple round or red square or 2 cup, blue round, or red round that be custom printed with laser printed etching onto the side of the dish. The small dish comes with the red sealed lids as shown in the picture, this lid can be custom printed as shown in the picture for an additional charge. The font engraving will appear on the outside of the dish (not the inside) as to not interfere with any of the food contents added to the inside of the bowl. Laser etching is a type of natural engraving directly on glass and does use any type of chemicals or ink enhancers. You can also choose to add the lid printing engraving / etching with the same or different pattern for additional charge depending on the size you order of the dish. 

As shown in the picture we added names to the sides of the bowls, you can add anything you wish a limit of 16 characters. (Lobster Script Font is shown in the picture)

If you have a logo, family crest, etc. to be applied to the dish that is not vector ready then a set-up fee will be applied on a custom order. Discount can be applied if you order seven or more; if you choose for us to apply your own logo or artwork, our set up fee of $35.00 will be applied we will keep you artwork on file for one year if you decide to order more we do not charge you the $35.00 set-up laser printer fee. 

Clear Pyrex small dish with red or purple seal lid features:

•Unique gift for anyone!

•Size of small dish is either: 
1 cup ~ 236ml side glass printed but without printed lid $12.00
2 cup ~ 470ml side glass printed but without printed lid $15.00
1 cup ~ 236ml side glass printed and top lid printed (both) $17.00
2 cup ~ 470ml side glass printed and top lid printed (both) $20.00

•Choose your own font style (lobster script is shown)
•You can add your own logo or artwork (set-up charge for non vector artwork will apply $35.00 extra, one time fee as we will keep you artwork on file for one year if you decide to purchase additional later on)