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Custom Created Designed Artistic Engraved Maple Wood Canada Celebrate Trinket Keepsake Box


A unique artistic created Canada celebration trinket keepsake box that was designed and created by us. Each piece fits together as a puzzle piece would.  The Canada box features cut out designs and transparent colored acrylic inserted to the cut out Canada designs which add lots of color to the box.  The cut outs feature a bear, beaver, Canada geese, salmon and maple leafs. The wood to create the box is maple wood. 

Discount can be applied if you order 10 or more; please inquire with your desired quantity you wish to order and we can provide you a quote. We can make any changes you would like, if you would like another province highlighted in acrylic other than Alberta, etc.

Canada Artistic Box Features:

  • The maple wood box lid is attached to the box and can easily open and close.
  • Size of box:  5" W x 5.5"L x 2.25" H
  • Can be sold in a bulk order, please inquire with your desired quantity and we provide you a quote
  • You can add your own logo or artwork to the inside or bottom of the box and unique promotional product to represent Canada (set-up charge for artwork will apply $35.00 extra, one time fee as we will keep you artwork on file for one year if you decide to purchase additional later on)
  • Makes a great and unique gift